The Swindon Scratch Choir
(Now called the Swindon Community Choir)
The Swindon Arts Centre

5th January 2008

Straight to  photos  missing out messages!

A night to remember!  Thanks to our wonderful leaders Linda, Martin, Fiona and Kate who worked so hard to get us in shape for this performance.  See a review at:  Evening Advertiser Website

We are grateful to Vanessa Lafaye for taking the time or organise a video of the performance - she has put the clips on the YouTube website so we can share them.  Thank You Vanessa.  Click on the links below to view individual songs.

Hey, Big Spender
Hold On
I Can See Clearly
Tebe Piom

There are three song missing from our programme - if anyone has these songs (Scarborough Fair, I Am The Sun and Bamba Ni Ye) on video, please get in touch!

Our Leaders:
Fiona       Kate       Martin

The Singers:
Alan         Celia         Chris L.        Chris M.        Corinne         Danny
Fran         Gail         Gloria         Janet         Jean         Karen B.
Karen P.        Kate S.        Linda G.        Liz G.        Liz S.        Liz T.
Mandy B.        Mandy P.        Margaret         Mike         Nicky         Pat
Pete         Raziya         Sarah         Steve         Rob
Vanessa L.        Vanessa N.        Vicky

Our thanks go to those who supported us on the night - it was good to see friendly faces in the audience!

Photos below are from Martin followed by some from Chris - Thanks for sharing them with us.

These are Thumbnails - click on thumbnail to see the larger photo

and from Chris

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